In the Trenches

We’re all working at it. Rick, our engineer, has been hacking away at getting Bolt into the main game. Marco, our character artist, has completed our first male character and started on our second male character, and Tony, our environment artist is working on a sky for our city environment.

Bolt – Getting it in there

We have Bolt able to begin hosting and connecting in LAN games. Competitors are starting to be able to be moved. Not much to show yet.

Characters – Medium Guy


Our first character is finally done. These are shots of the high rez version. From this we bake him down to a low resolution character and bring him into game. Marco spent a lot of time working through many tools (ZBrush, Substance, Marvelous) to get him to this spot. There are still a few things he wants to touch up but I’d say he looks about done.


Arena 2 – The City

The city is still being worked on but here are some early screenshots of progress. These shots are without hardly any texturing. Texturing, lighting and skybox are being worked on.





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