Promo Video

That’s right. Been working hard on getting a decent promotional video ready.

Soon we will expose Disc League to the world. For this we need to have a good message – that message will work best as a YouTube video.

The Logo

We cleaned up an earlier concept image, pumped it through After Effects, and out came this. We like it well enough for now.


The Video

This is about 60%-ish done. Still need to replace many clips and text overlays.

This is more work than I had anticipated. Thankfully it is turning out better than I thought. After Effects, Premiere Pro, and perspiration, all that you need to make a great video. Truly required every dimension of me: the social part (what will people be thinking), the artistic (to compose the video, set camera angles, transitions, etc), the dev guy (found most efficient way to hack this and that for the video). The gameplay is real, the assets are real but need a lot of clean up. I just had to force a few animations and camera angles here and there. We are not done with this video yet. We will finish this soon, then onto the website.


The Website

This is how it looks as of 2016-07-23. It is bad, we know.



Let’s not talk about this. The website still looks pretty bad. We haven’t touched it since I first threw it together. It will be important that this looks impressive and will be an easy place for people to sign up or stay in touch. To feel better about ourselves later, we posted how it looks now.



What’s Next?

Finish the video, start making the website WAY BETTER. Then put the word out. Make initial contact with potential publishers. And then… FINALLY get back to real work – NetCode!

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