Preparing Demo

The last few weeks have been about preparing a demo. This has been helpful in giving us an excuse to do all of those little things (like putting in UI and a pause button, tutorial) that we continually put off because are not high priority enough. The game is much more playable for non-team members now! We’ve also started putting in new character assets.

New Characters & Helmets

Made new shaders, models, and materials for helmets and uniforms

These uniforms and helmets look even better in game when characters are moving around the arena with specular lighting – it’s kind of a hack but I like it.

New Environments just getting started

These are rough blockouts. If you’re not used to seeing early work then close your eyes. Otherwise imagine what these will be like when completed. Should be about a month of work each, they are being created in parallel.

Space Stadium
Roottop Level


New UI and Tutorial

The UI is more functional now, driven by joystick not look and click anymore.


Decided this tutorial was necessary after watching people play the game and not do enough cool stuff. There’s a lot you can do in a physics based game!


What’s Next?

We got feedback from Oculus QA and need to address some issues and give them a new build. Then will continue to sharpen the look of character assets, keep environment artwork going and try to shift back onto networking code. Oculus Connect is in about 6 weeks. We need to be ready to show off at that time.

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