Multiplayer in progress

I will keep this update short because we are very much in the middle of building out the demo.

Multiplayer is looking good. Our crazy physics prediction stuff across the network has been working quite well in our testing across phones and Oculuses (Oculi?). Most of our work has been in making the game playable for non-developers: better UI, nicer handling of disconnects, reconnects, that type of thing. The gameplay is feeling good because of the immediate responses in our movement and our disc throws are pretty solid. Particularly the disc hits seem pretty synchronized between host and client. It still isn’t perfect but pretty darn good and very playable, even competitively. In a couple of weeks I hope to get some better film of people playing the game. We’ve been testing with 3 and 4 players, still working out a few issues. Soon, very soon we’ll be pushing out a new build to Oculus.

Environments are in progress

Here are some screenshots of “Celestial Stadium” and “Planetary Rooftops”, the next two levels you’ll compete in. These are obviously works in progress!

There are some other cool assets that have been created but not yet added to the game. I’ll post pics of that stuff after we get them in.

That’s all for now.


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