New Models and Internet Gaming

It has been a VERY busy time lately. Lots going on but frankly I don’t want to bore you with text at first. So I will show you pretty pictures (screenshots) and videos of game play, then briefly talk about internet gaming.


A few new characters and all new discs, they are animated!


Gameplay Videos

These are captured right from the Gear VR so they are square and don’t have sound.

Singles (Mano a Mano)

Doubles (2 v 2)

The Internets

Disc League is built on a server authoritative architecture. What does that mean? It means there is a real version of the game running somewhere on the internet (the server), and all of the clients see some approximation of the server’s reality. The server is the truth, the only truth. Clients are just pressing buttons and moving sticks to play the game. To make this look good it requires a lot of client side prediction. But the main reason to choose this type of a system is that it is much harder to cheat. Many modern FPS games use this architecture. The technology we are built on is called Photon Bolt. It isn’t particularly optimized for mobile but we hacked it enough to be efficient on Gear VR. We hope to have some video of people playing it across the Internet real soon.

I’m not an expert on networking but here’s a guy who is:

What every programmer needs to know about game networking


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