Level Up

Much is happening and I’m forcing this time in for an update… so what would be interesting???

How about videos of our new levels?

Celestial Stadium

A giant stadium high above the planet’s surface where thousands of fans cheer you on.

Some changes will be made to support a spectator view and maybe add more of a ceiling but this level is pretty close to done.

Planetary Rooftops

Enjoy a pleasant battle atop futuristic skyscrapers while jamming out to the latest psychedelic trance.

You really must see this level in virtual reality to appreciate the depth. A few adjustments will be made to the arena to make it more performant and pretty but environment is mostly done.

Neon Theatre

Perform in front of a more personal audience in this class and flashy theatre.

Technically this level was already done but we redid some materials and added pulsing lighting effects to bring it a bit more to life.


Other Stuff

There are other improvements to gameplay and character models and stability, improved load times, etc. These things are all awesome but don’t show as well for video. The models in these videos still have some neck problems, which are now addressed we just haven’t captured more video.



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