Ready for Launch

A lot more has happened and suddenly Disc League is ready to launch on the Gear VR app store this week!

What’s new?

League mode

For single player, we now have a league mode where you can compete in 4 events against 30 other teams. There are many difficulty levels and at the two hardest levels (hard and “iron man”) you compete in 1 v 2 and 1 v 3 tournaments. It is very challenging and very fun!

Touchpad Gameplay

Many Gear VR users do not have a bluetooth gamepad so we’ve added full playability using the touchpad. Everything that gamepad users can do, touchpad users can too.

Lots of optimizations

Not all phones are created equal. Even the same phones are not the same in all regions (from a processor standpoint). A lot has gone into optimizing the game. That being said, Disc League is still an intense game and demands a lot from your phone but it will run smooth (60 fps) on every supported phone on the Gear VR platform.

Other secret sauce

There are other features that we cannot disclose yet … and that’s all we can say about that

New videos

Checkout our new videos on the home page and the game modes page (that page is new too)

Home <- lots of gameplay

Game Modes <- slightly more descriptive video


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