Gear VR Controller Support Added

Support for the Gear VR motion controller has been added to the mobile version of Disc League. The store page updates are still being reviewed by Oculus but the build is live and supports the controller.

The Gear VR Controller has three different modes of play for varying levels of engagement.

Auto Target Mode

This is best for beginners and people new to the motion control. This mode makes it easy to throw straight shots that go toward opponents. Have fun and throw however you would like. The speed of the disc is also assisted to give you maximum power.

Gaze Target Mode

Ideal for hardcore gaming. In this mode the crosshair will target wherever you look. You must still use skill to throw towards the crosshair. The closer your release is to aiming at the crosshair, the more accurate your throw will be. Curves are possible by throwing and twisting your wrist. This mode gives you the control of your hand with the accuracy of aiming with your gaze (where you look).

Free Aim Mode

Ideal for hardcore sporting. This mode is much more difficult but also much more free. The disc goes where you throw it but it takes awhile to get used to. For best throwing try to do wide fast sweeping throws and release right as your hand is aiming at your intended target. The speed and the aim of your hand matters. You can also throw curves by twisting your wrist to be perpendicular to the throwing motion. In this mode you may find the need to re-calibrate the gyroscope in the controller more often, due to the constant swinging you’ll be doing.


Enjoy the new motion controller support and let us know how it works for you!



  1. Hi. Noob question. Could you please tell me the configuration of the Gear VR controller?
    I can move, i can raise my disc but, as of yet, I have been unable to throw my disc.
    I have tried Auto and Gaze mode but to no avail. I know im being thick but if you could help that would be brilliant. Many thanks. Dale.


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