Presskit for Disc League

Presskit for Virtually Invincible

Who makes Disc League?

Disc League was created by Virtually Invincible, which was founded by Richard Terrell (Rick) in October 2015. Rick does the programming and management. The artwork is outsourced to local artists in Orlando, Florida, USA.


Virtually Invincible (VI) is creating VR products for consumer markets with a focus on interactivity with intelligent beings (human or otherwise). VI’s first released product, Disc League, was designed to push the capabilities of mobile VR graphics and interactivity. VI strives to provide “freedom” and “enablement” in virtual reality, via high quality 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, networking and physics.


Virtually Invincible (VI) was founded in late 2015 by Richard Terrell (Rick) but the history goes much further back, to November 2012. Immediately after the Oculus Kickstarter had ended, Rick and his friend, Eugene, discovered the Oculus Rift and bought one together. They were also fortunate enough to experience the Oculus Rift prototype at a conference in November 2012. It was literally a phone duct taped to ski googles and hooked up to a computer but the experience was so amazing that they bought another Oculus Rift DK1. They then created a company and set out to build something special in VR.

Raging Goat was a company created by Richard Terrell, Eugene Elkin and James Leggett; all three of whom come from the video game industry (Electronic Arts and nSpace). Rick and Eugene did the programming and James created all of the artwork for their first Virtual Reality demo titled, Oculus Maximus. Oculus Maximus (OM) was a gladiator combat game which utilized the Oculus Rift DK1 paired with some hand controls called Razer Hydra. The game was built as a physics simulation which aimed at providing the most free and immersive experience a user could have if they were in the movie, “Gladiator”. The game was created during the Oculus VR Jam in 2013. After the competition, the team sought to raise capital through Kickstarter but failed and had to close shop.

In the summer of 2014, Survios, after raising its first round of capital, contacted Raging Goat to acquire its talent. For personal reasons, Rick and James did not consider leaving but Eugene was free and quickly became a part of Survios.

Over the next year and half, Rick focused on building small teams, learning more about virtual reality and saving money into his bank account. He attended many hackathons, got plugged in with the local indie dev community and started a VR meetup in Orlando, Florida.

In the autumn of 2015 he decided to leave his day job and create his own VR company named, Virtually Invincible. The goal of VI was simply to capture the magic of freedom in Virtual Reality again and to become sustainable by creating high quality products that could sell in the current Virtual Reality market.

VI started with an exploration stage in artificial intelligence, interaction with children and testing of mobile VR sensors. Eventually in February 2016 a prototype of Disc League was created and seemed viable as a first product for the mobile VR market.