Privacy Policy

Like most other video games, Disc League collects information about how users play the game. The main purpose of this data collection is to improve the game and to generally get an idea of what people like and what they do not like. No personally identifying information (PII) is collected, nor would it be of any use to us. That being said, if Unity (or their affiliates) or Facebook (or their affiliates) are collecting some other information about you through the store in which you purchased this game or through the game engine, we don’t know about it and will not be held responsible for that. Unless, of course, the courts say we are. We also use Photon Bolt for networking. If Exit Games Inc, maker of Photon, is collecting some PII, we don’t know about it and would not like to be held responsible for that either.

We may share the collected information with others, especially if it will help raise capital. This information will not have any PII in it. We will not sell this information, it really won’t be worth much anyway and we think that type of thing is not nice.

At a later time, especially if we make or receive significant amounts of money, this privacy policy will be replaced with a much more *serious* policy that lawyers will have created and it will probably be very difficult to understand. That would mean we are successful though, so we don’t mind. We hope you can forgive us when that happens.

Thank you very much for buying the game. We hope you enjoy it.

– Rick – Founder of Virtually Invincible LLC