The Game

Gear VR

Disc League on Gear VR is a fast paced action game optimized for mobile VR. Many single player modes available and is also playable online or over a local network. Support for the Gear VR motion controller will be released soon.

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Often described as a combination of dodge ball and 3D air hockey.

The game of Disc is simple. Hit the opponents with your disc to earn points. First to three points wins the match.

Playable on HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

Bluetooth controllers are supported but not required on Gear VR.

Google Daydream

Gameplay on Google Daydream is very similar to that on Gear VR but exclusively works with the Daydream controller (i.e. no touchpad or other bluetooth controllers).

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Modes of Play

League Challenge

Compete against 30 other teams in 4 competitions, each of increasing difficulty, to become MVP of the league.

Try “Hard” mode to play the tournaments in a 1 v 2 style and prove you are twice the strength of the competition.

OR really step it up by trying “Iron Man” difficulty (1 v 3) and show that you truly dominate the competition!

This is a great way to build up skill offline and enjoy a real challenge.


Join or create rooms online to compete against friends in 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 matches. Hitting people with discs is fun. This is what online virtual reality gaming is all about!

Local Area Network

Host your own private matches over your own network with this option.


Play a quick match against a CPU opponent of the difficulty of your choosing. This mode is meant to be most similar to an online match but playing against AI.


Beat down a stationary opponent. This is meant as a place to practice moves and test out new ideas.


There are tutorials to teach you how to use the touchpad and controller on Gear VR and motion controls on the Vive.

HTC Vive

Disc League for HTC Vive has been released on Steam. The game is designed as a multiplayer game but also has bots to skirmish with locally.

On Steam ->

The gameplay on Vive offers more realistic mechanics of disc throwing, dodging, blocking and other skills. Gameplay is fast and the servers have been optimized to offer continuous matches and gameplay. Disc League on Vive can play with up to 10 players per match in a free for all or team deathmatch. Currently network gameplay is limited to local area network only.